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October 18, 2023

Six Spooky Money Thoughts & How to Face Them

Boo! 👻 As Halloween draws near, it’s time to confront the scary thoughts that might be haunting your financial mindset. With SoLo by your side, you’re not navigating eerie money myths alone. Let’s transform fears into strategies for a brighter financial future.


  1. “I’ll save for retirement later. I have time.”

A classic, and not so funny, misconception. Postponing retirement savings is like a grim reaper of financial procrastination. The magic of compound interest means that the sooner you start, the more your money grows. Need a hand? Check out Smart Asset’s retirement calculator. They’ve even listed the top places in the US to kick back and enjoy retirement.


  1. “The only way out of my debt is to win the lottery.”

Let’s get real: winning the lottery is about as likely as encountering a ghost. Sustainable debt management is your real golden ticket. Pro Tip: Create a debt repayment plan. Free tools like can help visualize and strategize your debt-elimination journey. 


  1. “Budgeting won’t make a difference.”

Without a roadmap (budget), you might get lost in the financial woods, and nothing is scarier than that. SoLo’s got you covered. Check out our 50/30/20 Budget Template to get started. 


  1. “It’s embarrassing to ask for help.”

We get it. Talking about money with your loved ones can feel like walking through a haunted house, but asking for help? That’s being smart, not scared. And with SoLo’s app, you can get help outside your circle. Just real people helping real people. No judgment here. 


  1. “Whatever I spend, I can always make back.”

Unlike zombies, money doesn’t resurrect itself. Spending without a plan can lead to future woes. Embrace the art of mindful spending and use a budget to help you track your expenses and get a clearer picture of your habits. 


  1. “I don’t make enough money to start investing.”

It’s not about the amount; it’s about taking the initiative. Even small amounts can grow over time, and with SoLo, you can start lending with as little as $20. 


Remember, ghouls and goblins are make-believe, but there are real ways to get through financial fears. Equip yourself with knowledge this Halloween, and your finances won’t turn into a house of horrors.

Happy Halloween, SoLo Family! 💰👻