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September 18, 2023

Real People. Real Stories. Here is a Collection of Favorite Testimonials.

When life throws unexpected financial challenges our way, it helps to know others have faced these hurdles head-on. Hear from our members who’ve leaned on the SoLo community for a lifeline when they needed emergency funds.

Loretha discovered SoLo during a time of need. “Omg! SoLo is the best emergency loan business I’ve ever dealt with,” she shares. What impressed her the most was how simple it was—just listing what she needed the money for led to someone stepping in to help.

“Omg! SoLo is the best emergency loan business I’ve ever dealt with. It’s so cool how you just list what you need the money for, and someone comes along and helps you out, and the interest is low. I love SoLo and recommend it all THE time.”

– Loretha

For Charles, a less-than-perfect credit score used to close doors. SoLo was a game-changer. “As a person with less than perfect credit, SoLo has been a lifesaver when things get rough. I cannot get a loan through traditional means, and having this type of platform has been amazing and has saved me more than a few times.” 


Melissa uses SoLo because of our platform’s speed and efficiency. “When I downloaded SoLo, I wasn’t sure what I was in store for,” she recalls. “SoLo worked like a charm!! My loan was accepted and funded within a few short minutes, and I was able to finally take a deep breath, knowing I was able to support myself until payday. It’s been smooth sailing, and the lenders are quick and efficient.”


Dane values the simplicity and fairness of SoLo. “SoLo is a one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer platform for borrowing money for whatever situation one needs to borrow money for,” he explains. “With SoLo, I only had to input minimal personal information. Then I was able to request funds and the money was in my account within 30 minutes from when I discovered the SoLo App.”


Justin found a unique sense of purpose with SoLo. “I started doing this as a side way to make a little extra money,” he says. “It has become more than that.” Justin realized the impact he could have by assisting others in their times of need. He echoes the sentiment that everyone faces challenges and contributes to a supportive community by lending a hand.

“I started doing this as a side way to make a little extra money. After doing it for some time now, it has become more than that. I get a great sense of satisfaction helping out others that need temporary assistance. No matter the tip amount, I tend to loan to anyone. Everyone needs help at certain points, and I was in many of their shoes at one point or another in my life. I am a huge proponent of this form of financial service. It allows individuals needing a loan to get the help needed without having to deal with the often predatory practices of traditional financial institutions. The steps needed to get a small loan, either through a bank or payday service, are exhaustive. With SoLo, it’s simple and easy. It’s just people trying to help other people out.”

– Justin


For Gabriel, SoLo was a gradual journey from borrowing small amounts to more substantial sums. “SoLo has helped me in so many ways,” he said. “So easy to get a loan and the process is literally hassle free, no hidden rates, what you see is what you get! I recommend [SoLo] 100/10.  Seriously went from borrowing 40$ to $500 in just a few loans.”


Justin said it best – “It’s just people trying to help other people out.” SoLo’s harnesses community to bridge gaps in times of need. That’s what community finance is all about. If you’re facing a challenging moment or seeking a way to lend a hand, join the SoLo community. Real people helping each other can create a ripple effect of positivity.

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