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September 19, 2020

How to Register & Vote: 2020 U.S. Elections

At SoLo, our goal is to build a healthy, successful community of members where everyone can win together. On a larger scale, we want to create a world that thinks with that same mindset. Allowing our voices to be heard through voting is a key building block of this goal, which is why we’re organized some information on how to vote in the 2020 U.S. Election.


The first step in the voting process! Different states have many different requirements around when and how to register. You can get started with your own state’s specific requirements here:

Even if you’re already registered, it’s wise to make sure your registration is still active. It only takes 30 seconds to have the peace-of-mind that you’ll be able to vote as expected.


Okay, so you’ve registered to vote. Now, you’ll need to figure out what voting method you’d like to use to submit your votes. Options can range from in-person voting, to absentee ballot, to vote-by-mail. Requirements in this area are highly state-dependent, so we recommend checking the excellent state-by-state breakdown of voting options hosted on 538 that you can use to craft your plan for the 2020 election.

Please take note that if you plan to vote by absentee ballot or mail, you will likely need to take some additional steps to secure your ballot before Election Day. Again, refer to your state’s guidelines on this matter.

3. VOTE!

It’s the final step, but it’s also what you’ve been building towards — the ability to share your voice and make an impact. If voting by mail or absentee ballot, it’s generally a good idea to get your ballot filled out and back in the mail as quickly as possible to ensure that it’s received by Election Day — this is especially important in states that do not accept ballots received after November 3.

If you’re planning voting in person this year, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be prepared to wait in line, especially in heavily-populated areas

  • Bring a snack, book, and/or portable phone charger to pass the time while you wait

  • Continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask while waiting with others

  • Follow the directions of poll workers, who are largely volunteers there to help out and ensure the elections goes smoothly

Still have questions about the voting process? Dive in to any lingering inquiries here.