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December 22, 2023

Five Realistic Tips to Ace Your #SoLoResolution in the New Year

As we dive headfirst into a brand new year, it’s time for a real conversation about financial resolutions. We get it – you’ve got your own unique financial journey, and the cookie-cutter advice often doesn’t cut it. So, let’s talk about #SoLoResolution – real goals for real people.


Tip 1: Set Attainable Goals.


You’ve got dreams, and we’ve got your back. Start by setting goals that make sense for your reality. They might not be flashy, but they’re achievable. Your financial journey is yours to own.


Tip 2: Focus on Everyday Savings


When money is tight, building emergency savings can feel unrealistic. So, let’s get practical. Focus on everyday savings by comparing prices for literally everything. Groceries, shopping, utilities, insurance, banking, etc. By doing this, you can avoid unnecessary fees.

A helpful tool for this is Honey, a browser extension that finds and applies coupon codes at checkout.


Tip 3: Rethink Debt Management


Debt can be a burden, but managing it well is key. Negotiate those interest rates, explore income-driven repayment plans – make your debt work for you, not against you.

We love this DIY guide by NerdWallet on negotiating and settling your debts. 


Tip 4: Explore Community Resources


You’re not alone in this journey. Local food banks, thrift stores, and discount programs are your allies. Reach out to your community, and you might be surprised at the help you find.

To find resources near you, visit Aunt Bertha, a platform for locating free or reduced-cost services.


Tip 5: Foster Financial Knowledge


Knowledge is the key to financial power. Seek out free or low-cost financial education resources. SoLo partnered with EverFi to bring free financial literacy courses to our members. From budgeting basics to retirement planning, we’ve got you covered. Check it out here.


Here’s the bottom line – #SoLoResolution is all about your unique path. We’re here to support you, not with one-size-fits-all solutions, but with real talk and real strategies. Share your real financial goals with SoLo on social media, and tell us your creative, real-world strategies for achieving them. Let’s take on this new year together, one realistic step at a time. 


#SoLoResolution, because your goals are worth it. 💪💰🎉