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October 20, 2022

Financial Inclusion Is More Than Just Access to Money – It’s Access to Insurance Too

Let’s be real: not everyone has the means to get health insurance. But lack of coverage can lead to severe complications that strain your finances and life. You don’t want that, and neither do we. And if you’re on a limited budget, you can still get adequate health coverage within your financial means with SoLo x Stride.

We partnered with Stride because they’re leaders in helping people find affordable coverage. On average, Stride members save $360 per month on health insurance, and 40% pay less than $25 per month for coverage.

Have you ever had a health issue? Then you’re no stranger to the unexpected costs associated with a trip to the doctor or hospital. Without health insurance coverage, a serious accident or health issue that results in an extensive treatment plan can wipe you out financially.

National research confirms that medical bills frequently cause financial hardship and are one of the most common causes of unpaid bills of any kind, creating a domino effect on a person’s livelihood. 

In fact, last month, SoLo received nearly 1000 requests on the marketplace related to medical care and medical expenses. We’ve heard stories from our community about the impacts of being un(der)insured, and we understand the pain points associated with obtaining medical insurance.

“SoLo Funds helped me purchase heart and blood pressure medication that I didn’t have enough funds to cover; it has been an actual lifesaver because those are important life-sustaining medications.” 

At SoLo, we are constantly looking at ways to address the needs of our community which is why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Stride Health. Stride is an online platform that makes it easy to find affordable healthcare options.

Coverage starts at just $1 per month and Stride helps members make the most of financial assistance programs. For most, the coverage is worth the price—and a lack of coverage is a risk you don’t want to take. So if you don’t already have health insurance (and 27.2 million people don’t), complete an application with our partner, Stride—you’ll be glad you did. 

Stride assists users in finding the best Affordable Care Act health insurance plan for their needs at the lowest possible price. Their enrollment is easy and can be done in 10 minutes:

  • Get Health Insurance: On average, Stride members save $360 per month on health insurance, and 40% pay less than $25 per month for coverage.
  • Get Dental Insurance: Stride’s plans start at just $30 per month, come with 2 checkups per year and are accepted at over 300,000 locations.
  • Get Vision Insurance: Stride’s plans start at just $9 per month, covers $120 per year in eyewear, and is accepted at over 80,000 locations.