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July 1, 2022

Ese – A New Financial Platform For Black Women

SoLo Funds has always been about working together. We built this company on a concept of people helping people, creating new paths to financial freedom and growing wealth. Now we’re working with ESSENCE to expand our community with Ese, a new platform that aims to build wealth and the collective financial power of Black women.

The importance of Ese is captured in the name. Are you familiar with the Adinkra concept of “Ese Ne Tekrema”––the teeth and the tongue? You need both to speak. You need both to work together, cooperating to achieve their goals. The same is true for the advancement of the people, neighborhoods and communities that can benefit from Ese’s impact.

Ese is about working together to achieve our vision of building a better financial future for Black women. It’s about creating connections that give Black women a chance to see a return on the loans they fund, generating wealth and being there for peers who need money for an emergency. 

Ese represents a new avenue for Black women to:

  • Build wealth with flexible opportunities
  • Access money in hard times
  • Make an impact on people and communities 
  • Create financial freedom for all through collaboration 

Powered by the technology that makes SoLo Funds a gamechanging platform for people shutout from traditional financial institutions, Ese Funds is an opportunity for wide scale growth. It’s an outlet for bold women who want to do good and build wealth, and a smarter way to borrow money when times are tough. And it’s all done together. Teeth, tongue, and teamwork.

Ese is available now at We invite ESSENCE Fest attendees to keep an eye out for more information at events taking place June 30 – July 3, 2022.