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We were tired of financial services not designed for our needs. We were tired of the lack of trans­parency, simplicity, and unfair terms.

So we made something different. Something more human.

We went back to basics, creating a community where people could support each other financially. At Ese, each member can tap the strength of the community to power their own journey toward financial autonomy.

Here's how we serve our community. Here's how we serve our community.
Here's how we serve our community. Here's how we serve our community.


Make an Impact or Make a Return

Lend to other Ese members to make an impact or a return. We are people helping people. Whatever happens, we’ve got your back. When you use Ese lender protection, we step in where it counts.


When you’re short on cash, borrow on your terms.

Borrow from other Ese members. You set the terms.

Offer a tip to show your appreciation.

No roll over fee. No compound interest. No debt traps.


Get more as you grow with Ese.

Our Ese Wallet makes it easier for you to lend and borrow on Ese. As a lending member, you’ll receive improved data and transaction control. As a borrowing member, you’ll be able to leverage our account services to improve your Ese score and your chances of getting funded.

Get a debit card with a global ATM network and no fees. Coming Soon.

Protect your loved ones with life insurance. Coming Soon.

Build your credit score and take control of your financial life. Coming Soon.

Real People

Without this app, I’d have likely been evicted from my place with no other options. Ese filled that much needed void and for just a fraction of the cost a big bank would charge!
Andrea P., Philadelphia
I have a small business that I'm trying to grow. Unfortunately, I don’t have good credit and a bank won't help me. Now, I'm able to manage a decent cashflow to my business and use the funds from Ese to pay for my personal bills.
Daniel G., Chicago
I am so thankful for Ese, it's my go-to whenever I need emergency funds. I love that they don’t require an extensive credit history, but instead, let you build your reputation within the community.
Alex L., Miami
If you’re in a pinch this is a great way to get help from good-hearted people and to also return the favor if you have the means. I will start to fund loans myself because I understand the needs of others and also it’s a good way to make a few extra dollars here and there. I recommend this platform 100%.
Lawrence K., San Diego
It's quite rare to have the ability to aid economic and social justice from the comfort of your couch. Ese allows me to put my money into the hands of people like me that could use a financial hand while I make a healthy return.
Syed I., Houston
I was looking for something like Ese that allows me to lend to a person who needs it. It feels really good to help people and also earn on my disposable income. I love the new features they've implemented lately.
Catherine K., Kenosha

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With Ese, you’re always an individual, but you never go at it alone.
With Ese, you’re always an individual, but you never go at it alone.